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Expert advice in full-motion video

  • In these must-see videos you will learn:

    • Six powerful job search methods that are often overlooked
    • Focusing your resume on getting the interview
    • The best fonts to use in your resume
    • References and how to prepare them for best results
    • Cover letter techniques that put you at the head of the list
    • Resume types, and which is best for you
    • The absolutely essential part of every resume
    • Maximizing the impact of your Objective statement
    • How to best describe your accomplishments
    • Whether to put your job title first, or the employer's name
    • Which references to use, and how to prepare them
    • The DEADLY DOZEN resume mistakes, and how to avoid them
    • Keyword resumes - why and how. Essential information when you apply for a job in a larger organization
    • How to discover almost EVERYTHING about a company, before you apply for the job
  • You'll also learn about Interviews:

    • How to find less-known information about your potential employer, BEFORE the interview
    • 10 character traits sought most by employers, and how to demonstrate them during the interview
    • 10 turnoffs and how to avoid them for a successful interview
    • Dress for success - what to wear for the interview
    • Four interview formats, and how to master each one of them
    • Unlawful questions - what they are, how to answer
    • Things you MUST do before you exit the Interview
    • Graceful exit - how and when
    • Sizing up your own performance, and improving it!
    • What you MUST do after the interview, to gain a HUGE advantage over most other job seekers
    • Second interviews - how to get the most of them
  • You'll also learn to MAXIMIZE your salary:

    • Ten Mistakes that can cost you a lot of money
    • Salary schemes used by various employers, and how to maximize each one
    • Maximizing your value in the eye of your future employer
    • The most crucial aspect of your salary
    • Adding benefits
    • Salary roadblocks and how to overcome them: "Can't pay more", "Budget Limitations", "Take It or Leave It", "Low Salary History", "Salary Not the Reason", "More Money Later On" and more

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