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  • "WinWay Resume Deluxe is a product that really does do all the work for you."
  • "Makes it so easy to produce an impressive résumé"
    Smart Computing
  • "The program is a chinch to use... simple and stimulating..."
    PC Primer
  • "Can help you create a professional-looking resume"
    PC Magazine
  • "Complete... Gives you the winning edge"
    PC Week
  • "Think of this as a down payment on a new job"
    PC World
  • "Get a leg up on the competition"
    Computer Shopper
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  • "WinWay Resume Deluxe is a product that really does all the work for you"
  • "Makes it so easy to produce an impressive resume"
    Smart Computing
  • "Because of WinWay Resume, I landed a spectacular job that I love!"
    John Shukle, Spokane, WA
  • "It has made writing a resume so much easier... Great Product!"
    John Schuster, Morrisville, NY
  • "I loved the many different formats and styles, and the interaction was so easy"
    John Starnes
  • "WinWay made the difference and really helped me land a great job that perfectly matched my skills"
    Neal Stone, Olympia, WA
  • "After 2 months of using your product, since my retirement from the military, I landed a job. Using your search engine I was able to narrow my search and focus in certain areas and locations. I can't believe unemployment is still so high with the number of job openings your product locates. Thank you."
    J. Colyer, Surprise, AZ
  • "The resumes I write for my customers with WinWay Resume always get them in the door for an interview. Thank you for such an outstanding resume writing software. Indeed it is THE COMPLETE PACKAGE!"
    Donna Watson, owner of Virtual Desktop Specialty Printing, Hinesville, GA
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