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AutoWriter® writes your resumes and letters automatically

  • Simply choose a profession and fill-in the blanks

    Don't start your resume from scratch. Simply enter your job title (e.g. "school teacher") and let the Resume Wizard find the closest matches from 14,000+ resume examples. The examples were created by professionals and contain the keywords that employers are looking for.

    simply fill-in the blanks and watch your resume coming to life in front of your very eyes.

    Customize your resume with AutoWriter® - it puts thousands of ready-to-use job-winning phrases your fingertips.

  • E-mail in compatible formats. Print, fax or upload

    • Compatible with MS Word, Acrobat PDF, ASCII, HTML and more
    • Use any printer: B&W and color
  • Create resumes of any kind

    Functional Resumes, Chronological, or Mixed. Add popular resume sections such as Accomplishments, Training, Personal, Affiliations, Community, Languages, Hobbies, Military, License, Publications, Awards, Security, Testimonials, Keywords, and more!

  • Ideal for every career situation

    College Graduate, High School Graduate, Master's Degree, Doctorate Degree, New Occupation, Similar Position in the Same Field, Advancement, Relocation, Community Service, Freelance or Part Time, Military to Civilian, Variety of Past Experience, and more!

  • Simply choose phrases that best describe you

    We do not believe in cookie-cutter resumes. That's why we included 116,000+ job-winning phrases™ you can use to customize your resume.

    Includes job-specific phrases such as "Recommended car make and model to potential customers" and also skill-oriented phrases such as "Professional team player who excels in motivating others."

    These powerful features will help you complete your resume quickly and efficiently, in less time than it takes to drink a cup of your favorite hot beverage!

  • It's that easy

    If you can choose phrases from a list, and fill-in the blanks, you can create a job-winning resume with WinWay Resume Deluxe - the leader in resume software.

  • Cover letters for every situation

    • Your letter is the first example of your work that the employer will see.
    • Make sure your letter presents you in the best possible light.
    • WinWay Resume Deluxe includes expert-written examples for every career situation.
  • Print, fax or e-mail in compatible formats

    • Compatible with MS Word, Acrobat PDF, ASCII, HTML and more
    • Use any printer: B&W and color
  • Includes 400+ expert-written letter examples

    Ready-to-use text for:
    • Advertising response letters
    • Networking letters
    • Cold call
    • Offer acceptance
    • Offer rejection
    • Rejection response
    • Interview follow-up/thank you
    • Resignation

    You can use any of the letters, edit and modify it, and then check it for errors with the Resume Auditor® feature

    Ensure your resume gets the proper attention with a letter that highlights your strongest points!

  • Print attractive envelopes that demand attention

    • Numerous professional envelope styles
    • Coordinate your envelope style with your letter
    • Add attention-grabbing endorsements such as "Recent Graduate," "Experienced," "Credentialed," etc.


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