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Salary Maximizer® - Get the salary you deserve

  • Video: Learn to answer difficult salary questions, such as:

    • "What are you making in your current position?"
    • "Rank the importance of salary on a scale of 1 to 10"
    • "What is the least you'd feel comfortable taking?"
    • "Would you consider anything lower?"
    • "What are your salary goals for five years from now?"
    • "What would you say if I offered you this salary? "
  • Video: Learn to handle salary objections, such as:

    • "We can't pay you more than that"
    • "Our budget will not allow us"
    • "Take it or leave it!"
    • "I don't think we can afford you"
    • "Your salary history does not justify this salary"
    • "Salary is not the reason we are all here"
    • "You'll earn more after you prove yourself"
    • "I'm sorry. The salary is not negotiable"

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