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Catch mistakes before employers do® with Resume Auditor®

  • Check for 100+ mistakes, automatically

    WinWay Resume Deluxe includes the Resume Auditor® - a feature that checks your resumes and letters for 100+ common mistakes.

    Employment gaps, mis-ordered jobs, missing or extraneous information - any one of these can cause your resume to be rejected.

  • Don't let resume mistakes get you out of the race

    Employers get a huge number of resumes in response to their job ads. They MUST reduce that number to a manageable size. Your resume may be eliminated if it has mistakes in it.

  • Spell check is not smart enough

    You probably know that running a spell-check alone does not protect you from errors. Spell checkers do not catch many common mistakes, and are absolutely incapable of finding resume-specific errors such as out-of-order jobs or employment gaps.

    Let's face it - your common spell checker cannot tell a resume from a chocolate-cake recipe!

  • Catches subtle date errors

    The Resume Auditor in WinWay Resume Deluxe looks for:
    • Jobs that are out-of-order (reverse-chronological order is expected)
    • Incorrect dates
    • Date overlaps that may call resume accuracy into question.
    • Potential for age discrimination
    • Much more!
  • Catches information that's better left out

    Many job seekers create a comprehensive and highly detailed resume, overlooking the fact that some information would better be left out of the resume.

    • An unusually low Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • School graduation date that is so far back that it could cause age discrimination against the applicant
    • Weight, age, marital status, and much more

    In these cases and many others, WinWay Resume Deluxe will point out the error and suggest a correction.

  • Watches out for etiquette and legal issues

    Some job seekers do not realize that their current employer is not interested in paying for their job search... They use their current employer’s phone number or e-mail address as contact information in their resume. Again, Resume Auditor® will remind the applicant not to use employer resources when searching for a job, since some employers may consider this inappropriate.

  • Checks for readability and scannability

    Resume Auditor also checks:

    • Resume layout and margins
    • Headings consistency
    • Colors, fonts, symbols, and much more

    The Resume Auditor® also assesses resume quality by counting action verbs, quantitative expressions, and more.

  • Resume mistakes reflect on you

    To the employer, your resume is a sample of your work. It reflects your attention to detail, your motivation, and, whether you like it or not, your intelligence. How can you survive that first level of error screening? Simple. Check your resume and eliminate the mistakes.

  • Catch mistakes before employers do!®

    You need something better for your resume - you need the WinWay Resume Auditor®. This technology marvel looks for more than 100 mistakes that can cause rejection of your resume and letter.

    Don't take a chance - Catch mistakes before employers do!®


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