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License key is missing

The information in this article applies to:

  • All WinWay products


When trying to install the program, the installer prompts for a license key.  However you do not have a license key.


The solution depends on whether you purchased the product from the WinWay online store, or purchased it elsewhere, e.g. in a retail store.  Please choose the appropriate section below.

If purchased from WinWay's web site

  • Products purchased directly from WinWay require a license key
  • To retrieve your license key for an order placed online, click here
  • For orders placed by phone, mail or fax, contact customer service

If purchased elsewhere, e.g. retail store      

  • Discs purchased from a retail store are designed to work without a license key
  • However, if the computer is having difficulty reading the disc, it may ask you for a license key
  • To correct the problem:
    1. Remove the disc from the computer
    2. Wipe the shiny, un-printed side with a clean cloth to remove fingerprints and dust
    3. Reboot the computer
    4. Try the installation again
    5. If the problem persists, the disc may be damaged.  Consider upgrading to the latest version by downloading from this web site

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