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Administrative installation

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay Resume Deluxe Site/Network Edition, Version 11.0 and later


The site/network version provides many benefits over the retail (single user) version of the product:

  1. It is licensed for multiple computers and multiple users
  2. Improves end-user privacy
  3. Improves security
  4. Provides for easier deployment of free updates
  5. Provides administrative control over key features
  6. For larger networks, supports automated installation via group policy and silent install

If you received the product as a download

Expand the downloaded file into an empty folder. It will serve the role of a "CD ROM" in the procedure below.

Installation procedure

Step 1 - Create an image on the server

  1. Log into any workstation as an administrator. Run the program "setup.exe" that is on the WinWay Resume CD-ROM, with command line '-a', e.g.

    setup.exe -a

  2. Enter the serial number when prompted

  3. Specify a new folder on the server. The folder must be empty

  4. The installation will copy the files from the CD-ROM to the server and embed the license key in the .msi file

Step 2 - Install the program on each workstation

  1. From each workstation that is licensed to run the program, use Windows Explorer to browse to the network folder we created in step 1
  2. Run "setup.exe". Choose "Single Computer" if prompted


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