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Creating an Installation Log

This information applies to:
  • Any WinWay product


This procedure should only be used upon request from WinWay support staff.  It is intended to help the staff resolve an installation-related issue.

More information

WinWay products are installed with a tool called "Windows Installer."  Windows Installer includes options for generating a "log" file, which describes all events that happened during the installation. The procedure below will help you turn "logging" on, capture the logs, and turn "logging" off.  It is important to follow all the steps in order to return the system to its original state.

  1. Download the file and expand it into an empty folder.  The zip file contains these files:
    • start_logging.bat.  This file turns logging on.  Logs are in "%temp%\msi*.log"
    • finish_logging.bat.  This file turns logging off, moves logs to "c:\winway_logs", shows logs in Windows explorer
  2. Double click on "start_logging.bat."  You may receive a warning message.  Allow the file to run
  3. Perform the function that caused the error you wish to investigate:
    • If this is an installation problem, try to install the product again.
    • If this is an installer-related issue that happens upon running the WinWay program, run the WinWay program until you see the "Windows Installer" window
  4. Double click on "finish_logging.bat."  You may receive a warning message.  Allow the file to run
  5. Send all the files in the folder "c:\winway_logs" to
  6. Delete the folder "c:\winway_logs" and all the files it contains

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