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Error 1327 - Invalid drive

The information in this article applies to:

  • Any WinWay product


The installation is interrupted with a message "Error 1327.Invalid Drive:..."
This is typically caused by a registry entry that references a drive that no longer exists.


Step 1

Consult this article on the Installshield web site, or this article on the Microsoft web site

Step 2

If step 1 did not resolve the problem:

  1. Select Start, Run, and type "regedit" (without quotes)
  2. Click OK
  3. The "Registry Editor" will open
  4. While in the registry editor, be very careful not to make any unintentional changes to the registry
  5. In the Registry Editor, top-left column, click on "My Computer"
  6. From the Registry Editor menu, select Edit, Find
  7. Enter the name of the disk drive that is named in the error message. For example "F:" (without quotes)
  8. Click "Find Next" to find the next occurrence of this drive in the registry
  9. This procedure will help find the root cause of the error message, e.g. a disk drive that no longer exists



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