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Jet Database Engine Cannot Open... gar.mdb

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay PayRaise 2.0


Error message: "Jet database engine cannot open C:\program files\winway payraise\gar.mdb. It is already opened exclusively by another user or you do not have permission to view its data"

More Information


The file mentioned above - " C:\program files\winway payraise\gar.mdb" - is marked read-only


  1. Double click on "My Computer"
  2. Double click on "Drive C" or any other drive where WinWay PayRaise is installed
  3. Double-click on "Program Files"
  4. Right click on "WinWay PayRaise" and change folder and file properties to remove "Read only" setting
  5. Double click on "WinWay PayRaise"
  6. Right click on "gar.mdb" and clear the "read only" setting, if any
  7. Right click on "gar.mdb", choose "Security" and make sure you are allowed to read, write, modify and delete this file


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