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Licensing policy

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay Resume - all versions


The WinWay Resume software is subject to a license agreement that is included with the software. This article is not a substitute for the actual license. Please refer to the license for the specific terms and conditions.

More Information

Single Computer License

The retail version of WinWay Resume is licensed for one computer. Any number of users may use that one computer.

Site/Network License

The Site/Network Version of WinWay Resume provides a cost-effective way to license any number of computers to use the software. It also simplifies administration and management, and helps protect end user privacy.

License fees depend on the number of workstations that have access to the software. For example, if your network has 100 computers and you allow all computers to access the software, you should purchase a 100-computer license. The license fee cannot be reduced by limiting the number of concurrent users of the software.  

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