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Letter Examples

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay Resume 9.0 and later


WinWay Resume numerous letter samples and a powerful letter writing tool called "AutoWriter®"

More Information

The letter samples may appear "profession specific" - but they are not.

You can use any of the letter samples for any profession, with the help of the AutoWriter.

  1. Start with any of the letter samples, or with a blank letter
  2. Double click on the letter body and remove any parts of the letter that you do not wish to use
  3. Click on "AutoWriter"
  4. Choose Letter Type: Cold Call, Offer Acceptance, Offer Rejection, Rejection Response, Interview Follow-up or Resignation
  5. Choose the letter portion you need - Opening, Body, Closing or Signature
  6. Double click on the phrases and paragraph you wish to use to add them to your letter
  7. Arrange the results to meet your need

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