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Save your resume in MS WORD, PDF and other formats

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay Resume Deluxe 11.0 and later
  • WinWay Resume Express Edition 12.0 and later


WinWay Resume can save your resume in various formats:

  1. Acrobat PDF
  2. Microsoft Word (RTF)
  3. HTML
  4. ASCII/Text

More detail

  • In WinWay Resume, select File, Export, and choose the desired format
  • For sending e-mail, we recommend Acrobat PDF format
  • To create MS Word (.doc) file, select File, Export, "RTF." When asked if you wish to view/edit the file, select YES.  When MS Word opens the file, select File, Save As, and choose file type ".doc" 

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