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Runtime error, page fault, or invalid instruction

The information in this article applies to:

  • WinWay Resume Deluxe 10.0 or earlier


While using the program, the program may lockup, freeze, or you encounter any of these errors:

  • "Access violation"
  • "Internal application error"
  • "<program name> has caused an error in <module name >"
  • "<program name> caused an invalid page fault in module <module name>"
  • "<program name> executed an invalid instruction in module <module name>"

More Information

The list below contains several steps. After each steps, try the program again to determine if the problem was solved.

Step 1 - Install the free update

  • Select Start, Programs, <program name>, Free Update.  Follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2- Run Scandisk

The ScanDisk (or checkdisk) utility is a powerful tool for fixing hard disk problems.

  1. Select Start, Run, and enter "Command.exe". This will put you at the DOS prompt
  2. If you are using Windows 95, 98 or Me, type "SCANDISK", and hit Return.
  3. If you are using Windows 2000, XP or later, type "Chkdsk /F" and answer "Yes" when asked.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen for completing the disk test

Step 3 - Update the printer driver

  • Install the latest printer driver from your printer manufacturer's web site

Step 4 - Update the video driver

  • Update your display (video) driver
  • You can find many video drivers at

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