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Installshield wizard was interrupted

The information in this article applies to:

  • Any WinWay product installed on Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4, and Windows 2003


Product installation fails with the message "Installshield wizard was interrupted... system was not modified."


Installshield is a third-party program used to install WinWay products as well as many other products. This error can be caused by difficulty reading the source media, or by a configuration problem on the computer. The method below will correct a common configuration problem

Method 1

  1. As a security measure, create a complete backup of your computer
  2. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel
  3. Select "Administrative Tools". If this option is not available, click on "Classic" view and then choose "Administrative Tools"
  4. Choose "Local Security Policies", " Local Policies", "user Rights Assignment"
  5. Scroll down to "Impersonate a client after authentication". If not found, this solution does not apply to your system
  6. Double click on "Impersonate a client after authentication"
  7. The list will show the current users or groups that currently have this permission
  8. Verify that both "Administrators" and "SERVICE" are on the list. If they are, this solution does not apply to your system
  9. Click on "Add user or group"
  10. Click "Object Type" and verify that both "users" and "groups" are checked, then click OK
  11. In the field labeled "enter object names to select", enter the following:
  12. Click "Check Names" - names should be underlined now. Click OK.
  13. Restart your computer
  14. Install the WinWay product

  1. Prior to trying this solution, as a security measure, create a complete backup of your computer
  2. Consult this article on the Apple web site:

Method 2

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